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From the Author:

For the past 20 years I have lived outside the US, and 17 of those years have been in Africa. I've seen hundreds of mining operations of all types on the ground...quite literally.  And the problem most "gold mining investors" have is KNOWING WHICH OF THESE is worth investing in.

You see, there are HUNDREDS of gold mining companies out there. It is pretty much impossible to understand which companies are going to prosper, and which ones are going to fail.  However, being "on the ground" and "in the mining field" I've SEEN FIRST-HAND all sorts of companies in all sorts of different stages of progress.

That said, I created a NEVER BEFORE SEEN method of filtering through DOZENS of gold mining companies very quickly, by classifying them into one of 5 types...based on my analogy; "Fish and Animals from the Ocean (Gold Producers)"; which is why I call this manual the "Ocean of Gold".

I know you think this sounds crazy, but let me tell you...once you buy this manual and see this system...I'll turn you into a believer!!  Check out, at a high level, how I classify companies down below...but you have to buy the manual to truly understand HOW INSANELY POWERFUL this method works, in relation to picking the right company to invest in, based on your risk tolerance.

Matt Montauk
Matt Montauk Author of Ocean of Gold & blogger at

Ocean of Gold - Mining Company Classification System Summary:

  • 1

    Killer Whales

    These are the big gold producing mining companies. They have HUGE proven gold reserves (that is gold underneath the ground they own) and the rights to extract it. They have large operations and lower risk (and lower reward) than the other categories.

  • 2


    These are medium sized gold producing mining companies. They are SUPER aggressive…like well…a shark! They are in expansion mode and look to consume smaller companies. They are medium risk (and medium reward).

  • 3


    These are smaller companies, that are 1st time gold producers. They are emerging and often unrecognized. These are the hardest companies to filter down, since it is hard to see through the sea of their assets (land…on top of gold). They have gold assets with super high potential for returns.

  • 4


    These are smaller companies, like Goldfish, but are in exploration mode. They are trying to discover gold, they are finders and definers. Similar to Goldfish there are hundreds of these in existence and they are very hard to filter through, but I utilize a special system and have great picks in this category. They are very high risk investments, but have an insanely high return.

  • 5


    This is my personal favorite category, one that very few people on earth even realize exist! Every now and then a mining company finds an ore body deposit that produces more than one precious metal (for example gold, copper and palladium). They are “polymetal” miners, which simply stands for mining multiple metals from one ore deposit site. Very few people understand how to value a company in this category…which is good for you since this manual showcases 3 starfish miners! My biggest all time capital gain came from a Starfish that increased in value 46x (4600%) in 24 months!

Why buy gold investments NOW? Take a look at these charts...

The S&P 500 Index, which is large traditional equity stocks...

The Nasdaq index...

The Russell 2000 index...

The US Dollar Index (the value of USD vs. a basket of foreign currency)...

Now let's take a look at GOLD...a bit of a different picture!!??!!

Takeaway: If the "marketplace" is selling off traditional equity stocks and selling the US must be buying something...

The "Marketplace" is buying GOLD and companies MINING GOLD!

This is proven by the charts of companies I'll be revealing in the manual

A Killer Whale Mining Company...

A Shark Mining Company...

A Goldfish Mining Company...

A Minnow Mining Company...

A Starfish Mining Company...this company is listed in our FREE 45 page sample report!

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